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Accepted Papers at IEEE PES POWERCON 2016

Paper ID Authors & Titles
2 Md Salam, Pg. E. Abas, Fushuan Wen, Ang Peng, Quazi Rahman, Syeed Hasan, William Voon and Mohammad Ismit. Investigation of Electric and Magnetic Field Strengths near 66 kV Transmission Lines in Brunei Darussalam
6 Hui Hou, Guorong Zhu, Wei Chen, Zhaoyang Dong, Xianbin Ke, Ke Meng and Yongxi Zhang. Discussion on Risk Assessment of Energy Internet
7 Ahvand Jalali and Mohammad Aldeen. Novel Continuation Power-flow Algorithm
8 Christoph Hahn, Thomas Schlegl, Matthias Luther and Olaf Ruhle. Generic Modeling of a Line Commutated Converter based Multi-Terminal HVDC System for Power System Stability Studies
10 Shengfeng Zhou, Zhen Shu, Hoay Beng Gooi, Shuaixun Chen, Yue Gao and Kelvin Tan. Study of Market Clearing Model for Singapore’s Wholesale Real-time Electricity Market
11 Lei Guo, Jia Yang, Wenyang Yu and Yunliang Li. Analysis and Determination of Harmonic Resonance Frequency of Electrical Railway
12 Chayan Bhattacharjee and Binoy Krishna Roy. Performance Analysis of Fuzzy-Proportional Integral (PI) Control for Improvement in Quality and Magnitude of Dispatched Power for a Weak Grid-Tied Hybrid System
15 Hai Zhou and Zhijia Wang. A Multiple-model based Adaptive Control Algorithm for Very-short Term Wind Power Forecasting
16 Marcos Silva Montelo and José Eduardo Onoda Pessanha. Experimental Studies of ILU Preconditioning for Power Flow Matrices
17 Bhaba Das, Thahirah Jalal and Fiona McFadden. Comparison and Extension of IEC Thermal Models for Dynamic Rating of Distribution Transformers
18 Ziheng Hu, Shungui Liu, Yu-Qing Bao, Yang Li, Lei Wang and Lei Zhou. Research on the Direct Load Control method of Air-Conditioning Loads for the Peak Load Shifting in the Shenzhen City
19 Lei Guo, Wenyang Yu, Yunliang Li and Jia Yang. Analysis of Iced Catenary Static Parameters and De-icing Effect about Pantograph-catenary Coupling Force
20 Lei Guo, Yunliang Li, Jia Yang and Wenyang Yu. Thermal Field Analysis of Icing Contact Line under the Effect of Pantograph-Catenary System Arc
22 Yingying Tang, Qian Chen, Ping Ju, Yuqing Jin, Fu Shen, Beibei Qi and Zhuolin Xu. Research on Load Characteristics of Energy-saving lamp and LED Lamp
23 Yahyaoui Hiba, Abdelkader Dekdouk and Saoussen Krichen. Graphic-based Optimal Network Reconfiguration in CPU/GPU architectures using AGA-LS metaheuristics
24 Babak Porkar and Masoud Farzaneh. AC Flashover Performance of a Horizontal Insulator String under Heavy Icing Conditions
25 Ramya Nagarajan and Chanan Singh. Multi-Area Reliability Evaluation using Composite System Framework
26 Shaoyun Hong, Haozhong Cheng, Lina Huang, Jianping Zhang and Jianzhong Lu. Multi-scenario Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Load Spatial Distribution
27 Wenxia Pan, Honghang Sun, Shoujiang Chai and Jianwen Zhou. Research of Optimal Distance of External Grounding Grid
28 Ankush Mudholker and Jaya Laxmi Askani. Application of Intentional Islanding Algorithm for Distributed Energy Resources in Disaster Management
30 Ahmad Abuelrub and Chanan Singh. Sizing of Lead Acid Storage System in an Energy Buffer Connected to a Wind Farm
32 Sidun Fang, Haozhong Cheng, Zenghui Yang, Si Jiang and Shaoyun Hong. A Novel Decoupling Approach for Solving Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow
33 Arijit Bagchi, Lalit Goel and Peng Wang. Composite System Adequacy Assessment Incorporating Virtual Power Plants
34 Amina Hasan Abedin and Mohammad Ali Choudhury. Two Switch Three Phase Ĉuk Regulated Rectifier
35 Farhad Yahyaie, Saeed Arabi and Zhihong Feng. Effects of the Ramp-Tracking Filter on Overall Compensation of Power System Stabilizers
36 Surekha Bhalshankar and C.S. Thorat. Integration of Smart Grid with Renewable Energy for Energy Demand Management:Puducherry Case Study
37 Karthik Thirumala, Amod C. Umarikar and Trapti Jain. A Generalized Empirical Wavelet Transform for Classification of Power Quality Disturbances
39 Peng Wei, Xin-Yao Zhu, Qian Zhou and Tuo Ji. Research on Application of Controllable Phase Shifter Technology in 500kV Power Grid
41 Peng Wei, Jian Kun Liu, Qian Zhou and Cheng Gen Wang. A Probabilistic Power Flow Algorithm Based on Semi-variable and Series Expansion
42 Zigang Lu, Zhinong Wei, Shihai Yang and Minrui Xu. A Novel State Updating Method in Power System Dynamic State Estimation with Correlated Measurements
45 Nasser Hemdan, Christoph Klosinski, Michael Hilbert, Michael Kurrat, Frank Gerdinand, Johann Meisner and Stephan Passon. Fault Matrix Based Protection Coordination in Low Voltage DC Systems
47 Peng Wei, Jian Kun Liu, Qian Zhou and Jing Chen. Probabilistic Power Flow of Power Grid with Large new Energy Integration Based on Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm
48 Nur Naqiuddin Bin Safa’A. Improved Methodology of Evaluation of Solar Capacity Contribution into the Grid
49 Yongxi Zhang, Jueyou Li, Ke Meng, Zhaoyang Dong, Yu Zheng and Kit Po Wong. Voltage Regulation in Distribution Network Using Battery Energy Storage Unit via Distributed Optimization
50 Yongxi Zhang, Fengji Luo, Ke Meng, Z.Y. Dong, Hongming Yang and Kit Po Wong. Risk Constrained Battery Energy Storage Planning in Active Distribution Networks
51 Hashim Alzahrani, Hatim Elsayed and Nasser Alshahrani. Operational Functions of GCCIA HVDC: Dynamic Reserve Power Share and Frequency Control
53 Jan Harm C Pretorius, Claudio de Brito and Pierre van Rhyn. The Use of Power Quality Standards to Establish an Equivalent Transformer Capability Under Harmonic Loading
54 Jianming Wang, Jian Zhang, Chuandong Li and Qi Wang. Research on Stability Characteristics and Control Measure of UHVDC Transmission Line
55 Anatoli Semerow, Lukas Muth and Matthias Luther. Investigation of Impacts on the Disturbance Propagation in Power Systems
57 Jianhua Zhang, Qin Zhou, Ming Li and Hang Long. Research on Large Scale EV Charging Optimization Strategy
62 Chathura Thilakarathne, Lasantha Meegahapola and Nuwantha Fernando. Improvements to the IEEE C37.118.2011 PType Synchrophasor Model
64 Wei Li and Xiangning Xiao. Impact of STATCOM on the Voltage Stability of HVDC Terminating at Location Having Low SCR
65 Amina Abedin, Khandaker Lubaba Bashar, Mohammad Choudhury and Samia Islam. Output Regulated One-Switch Three-Phase Boost and Boost-Buck (SEPIC) PFC Rectifiers
69 Qing Zhong, Zhe Zhang, Feng Liu, Gang Wang and Longjun Wang. Self-Organized Criticality Characteristics of Unplanned Power Failures in Distribution Network
71 Taisuke Masuta, Joao Gari Da Silva Fonseca Junior, Hideaki Ootake and Akinobu Murata. Application of Battery Energy Storage System to Power System Operation for Reduction in PV Curtailment Based on Few-hours-ahead PV Forecast
72 Mostafa M. Mahfouz, Amgad El-Deib and Magdy El-Marsafawy. Modeling and Stability Assessment of AC Microgrids Using Time-Domain Simulations
73 Chad Stillinger, Keaton Dieter, Heather Dillon and Alex Zielinski. Design and Build of an Electrical Generator and Load Control System for a Novel Small-Scale Hybrid Solar Thermal Collector
76 Mukul Dixit, Prasanta Kundu and Hitesh R. Jariwala. Optimal Placement of PV Array and EVs in Distribution Network under Load Uncertainty
77 Jona Maurer, Patrick S. Sauter, Mathias Kluwe and Sören Hohmann. Optimal Energy Management of Low Level Multi-Carrier Distribution Grids
79 Chen Jun, Li Huazhong and Gui Lin. Research on new principle of Pole discrepancy protection based on voltage phasor difference
80 Xiao-Ming Lan, Hongshan Zhao, Ying Wang and Zengqiang Mi. Nonlinear Power System Model Reduction Based on Empirical Gramians
81 Ruiming Fang. Very Short-term Wind Power Prediction for wind turbine: A New Support Vector Machine-Markov Chain Model
84 Najmeh Mohsenifar and Abbas Kargar. Active and reactive power control in a microgrid connected to voltage source converter under parameters uncertainty, by proposed cascade sliding mode control method
86 Daming Zhang and John Fletcher. Modeling a DC-Current-Controlled Variable Inductance and its Application to Grid-tied Converters
87 Daming Zhang. Operation of Microgrid at Constant Frequency with a Standby Backup Grid-forming Generator
89 Lu Wang, Suleiman Sharkh and Andy Chipperfield. Decentralized Coordination of Distributed Generators in a Distribution Network Using A*
90 Xi Li, Xiaohua Wang, Nan Yin, Qingqing Gao, Song Miao, Chao Shan and Xuetao Huang. Simulation on Failure Analysis of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Permanent Magnet Operating Mechanism Based on Three-parameter Method
91 Weijie Wen, Yulong Huang, Yinshan Sun, Junhui Wu and Weidong Liu. Mechanism of the Transient Voltage of DCCB with CCDC and Its Mitigation
92 Weizhou Wang, Fuchao Liu, Yuejin Xu, Xingxing Xiong, Jingjing Zheng, Wei Tang and Dechang Yang. Researching on the Line Loss Benchmarking Model of the Distribution Network
95 Hailian Jing, Naoki Maki, Tetsuya Ida and Mitsuru Izumi. Design Study of Large-scale PM Linear Generators for Wave Energy Conversion
96 Hailian Jing, Naoki Maki, Tetsuya Ida and Mitsuru Izumi. Study on Main Parameters of 2 MW PM Linear Generators for Wave Energy Conversion
98 Jan Harm C Pretorius, Annlize Marnewick and Humphrey Matlala. Energy Efficiency Management Through the Use of Technology in South African Industry
99 Hongxin Li, Yuyao Yang, Chao Hong, Yingqi Yi, Xu Chen and Yongjun Zhang. Multi-objective Extended Reactive Power Optimization in Distribution Network with Photovoltaic-storage Systems
100 Raheel Zafar and Jayashri Ravishankar. Coordinated Control of Step Voltage Regulator and D-STATCOM in the Presence of Distributed Photovoltaic Systems
101 Baorong Zhou, Xiangmin Huang, Liang Tu, Yongjun Zhang and Ziheng Zhang. The Capacity Allocation of D-STATCOM Adapting to Renewable Energy Generation in Distribution networks
102 Baorong Zhou, Ziheng Zhang, Donghui Zhang, Yongjun Zhang, Xiangmin Huang and Qinhao Li. Fast Assessment of Photovoltaic Power Absorptive Capacity in Distribution Line
103 Hui Ren, David Watts, Chenjun Sun, Qunjie Chen and Fei Wang. Critical Transitions Analysis in Self-organized Power Systems by OPA
104 Weiwei Zhao, Zongxin Zhang, Yun Liu and Ping Liang. Study on the Mechanism of AC Tie-line Power Fluctuation for a Two-area Interconnected Power System
105 Zhimin Ma, Jinghong Zheng, Zhijun Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Shouzhen Zhu, Ling Wei and Xinwei Shen. Online Clustering Modeling of Photovoltaic Power Plant with LVRT Control Function
107 Hongshan Zhao, Fanhao Xu, Wenqi Xu and Wenmin Zhang. Feature Extraction Method of Transformer Vibration Based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Subband
108 Jin Xu, Wenpin Qin, Chen Ren, Xiaoqing Han and Peng Wang. Voltage Stability Analysis Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Considering Load Fluctuation
109 Yu Ni, Zhengchun Du, Chongtao Li and Cong Wang. A Novel ADI Based Method for Model Order Reduction of Large-Scale Power Systems
110 Cong Wang, Zhengchun Du, Yu Ni and Chongtao Li. Simplified Model of Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Normal Operation
111 Fayas Ahamed, Lidula Nilakshi Widanagama Arachchige, Mahesh De Silva, Dhanushka Dissanayake and Gayan Pradeep. Designing and Simulation of a DC Microgrid in PSCAD
112 Wei Li, Zhongqing Li, Yarong Guo, Xinyu Liang, Zhe Zhang and Xianggen Yin. Research on new automatic bus transfer method which adapts to security and stability control system
114 Michael Emmanuel, Ramesh Rayudu and Daniel Burmester. Impact of Large-Scale Integration of Distributed Photovoltaic with the Distribution Network
115 Jinmeng Chen, Yi Li, Haigang Zhao, Lanmin Wu, Wei Fan and Xiaohui Qin. Study on Risk Assessment for Power Transformer
116 Wang Guilan, Zhou Guoliang, Zhao Hongshan and Liu Hongyang. Real-time Big Data Technologies of Energy Internet Platform
118 Ziquan Liu, Wei Yao and Jinyu Wen. Interaction Analysis and Oscillation Mitigation Among Multiple SVC-Based Damping Controllers
120 Xiaohui Qin, Pingliang Zeng, Qinyong Zhou, Qian Dai and Jinmeng Chen. Study on the Development and Reliability of HVDC Transmission Systems in China
121 Onyema Nduka and Bikash Pal. Harmonic Characterisation Model Of Grid Interactive Photovoltaic Systems
122 Ning Chuang. Kalman filtering speed estimation of vector control for induction motor drive
123 Jinmeng Chen, Yi Li, Haigang Zhao and Xiaohui Qin. Study on Sampling Inspection Theory and Strategy for Distribution Transformer
124 Alex Mouapi, Nadir Hakem and Leingthone Muamba Mukendi. High Efficiency Rectifier for RF Energy Harvesting in the GSM Band
126 Changzhi Zhang, Yu Zhang, Yingtian Zhang, Xiaonan Cao, Jianjun Wang, Haoran Li and Weichen Ni. Optimization of the Automatic Control System in Indirect Air Cooling For Large Thermal Power Unit
127 Yong Cui, Zeng Hui Yang, Yu Yao Feng, Ying Hui Yu and Ying Hui Yang. Study of the Minimum Unit Scheduling Technology for the Grid with Substantial Power Import and Restricted Generation Schedule
128 Kaiyu Zhang, Yong Cui, Zenghui Yang, Yuyao Feng, Qiqi Zhang and Yinghui Yu. Analysis of the Influence of Synchronous Condensers on Receiving-end Grid with Multi-infeed HVDC
131 Shuchao Wang, Shengpeng Duan, Wei Hou, Jun Chen and Xicai Zhao. Three-level AGC for Large-Scale PV Power Plant with String Inverters
132 Rashesh Mehta and S. A. Soman. Efficient Cost Allocation for Transmission System
133 Sabine Wellhöfer, Sebastian Höhn and Matthias Luther. Impact of Load Modeling on Small Signal Stability Investigations
134 Meng Xu, Guibin Zou, Chunhua Xu, Weijie Sun and Shanzhong Mu. Positive Sequence Differential Impedance Protection for Distribution Network with IBDGs
136 Anatoli Semerow, Stefan Horn, Bianca Schwarz and Matthias Luther. Disturbance Localization in Power Systems Using Wide Area Measurement Systems
137 Xiaolong Guo, Wenping Qin, Peng Wang, Xiaoqing Han and Ying Wang. A Novel Line Overcurrent Protection Scheme for Distribution Networks with DGs
138 Mayuko Sato and Yoshikazu Fukuyama. Total Optimization of Smart Community by Particle Swarm Optimization Considering Reduction of Search Space
139 Daniel Burmester, Ramesh Rayudu and Winston Seah. Instantaneous Control of a DC Water Heater for a PV system
141 Leake Enquay Weldemariam, Vladimir Cuk and J.F.G. Cobben. Weighting Factors for Estimating the Economic Impact of Voltage Dips
142 William F. Infante, Jin Ma and Yuanying Chi. Operational Strategy and Load Profile Sensitivity Analysis for an Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Station
143 Arash Beiranvand, Mahlagha Mahdavi Aghdam, Li Li, Shouzhen Zhu and Jinghong Zheng. Finding the Optimal Place and Size of an Energy Storage System for the Daily Operation of Microgrids Considering Both Operation Modes Simultaneously
144 Chenyu Wu, Ping Jiang, We Gu and Yong Sun. Day-ahead Optimal Dispatch with CHP and Wind Turbines Based on Room Temperature Control
145 Timo Lehtola and A Prof Ahmad Zahedi. Electric Vehicle to Grid for Power Regulation: A Review
149 Yang Xue, Penghe Zhang, Yinghui Xu, Yangchun Cheng, Dezhi Xiong, Fuli Yang and Zhengzhou Du. Analysis on Failure Modes of Miniature Circuit Breaker
150 Francesca Capelli, Carlos Abomailek, Jordi-Roger Riba and Josep Sanllehí. Analysis of Electrical Contact Resistance Models for Substation Connectors
151 Carlos Abomailek, Francesca Capelli, Jordi-Roger Riba Ruiz, Pau Casals-Torrens and Manuel Moreno-Eguilaz. Transient Thermal Modelling of Short-Circuit Test for Conductors by Means of Dimensional Reduction
152 Ke Wang, Meng Ye, Jianlan Hou, Wen Xiong and Fei Wang. Coordinated Control of STATCOM and Mechanically Switched Capacitors to Improve Short-term Voltage Stability
153 Mohsen Ahmadi, Mithulananthan Nadarajah and Rahul Sharma. A Review on Topologies for Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles
156 Gu Ye, Vladimir Cuk and Sjef Cobben. Study on Harmonic Current Summation Using Field Measurement Data
157 Mohamad Nassereddine, Jamal Rizk, Mahmood Nagrial and Ali Hellany. HV Substation Fault and its Impacts on HV Cable: Safety Procedures
158 Christian Wagner, Christian Waniek and Ulf Häger. Modeling of Household Electricity Load Profiles for Distribution Grid Planning and Operation
159 Zhihao Zhang, Yanmin Liu, Liang Fang, Xiang Li and Liangzhi Men. A novel control strategy for Three-phase Four-leg STATCOM under Unbalanced Loads
160 Hussain Shareef, Wong Ling Ai and Ammar Hussein Mutlag. Optimum Placement of Battery Storage Systems for Mitigating Voltage Fluctuation Using Binary Firefly Algorithm
161 Alvaro Ortega Manjavacas and Federico Milano. Comparison of Bus Frequency Estimators for Power System Transient Stability Analysis
162 Jingzhe Tu, Jian Zhang, Bing Zeng, Qiang Yu, Junchuan Jia and Jun Yi. Transient Reactive Power Characteristics of HVDC during Commutation Failure and Impact of HVDC Control Parameters
163 Neng Zhang, Darmawan Sutanto and Kashem Muttaqi. A Buck-Boost Converter Based Multi-Input DC-DC/AC Converter
164 Huichao Xuan, Chao Yu, Dipti Srinivasan, Gade Pandu Rangaiah and Kok Poh Tan. Modelling and Validation of Parameters of Combined Cycle Power Plant
168 Ruidong Liu, Gregor Verbic and Jin Ma. A Machine Learning Approach for Fast Future Grid Small-signal Stability Scanning
169 Qinghua Ye, Feng Qian, Quan Gu, Songlin Chen and Quanrong Shen. Research and Application of Big Data Technology in China Southern Grid
170 Jing Wang, Luis Costa and Bouna Mohamed Cisse. From Distribution Feeder to MicroGrid: An Insight On Opportunities and Challenges
171 Jun Zhang, Zhiwen Wang, Chen Shen, Shuang Zhang, Feng Gao, Xutao Li and Hongqiang Li. An Analytical Method for Probabilistic Load Flow using Gaussian Mixture Model
172 Wei Jin, Yuping Lu and Cheng Tang. A Novel Double Ended Method for Fault Location Based on Travelling Wave Time-series
174 Hesamoddin Marzooghi, David J. Hill and Gregor Verbic. Aggregated Effect of Price-Taking Users Equipped with Emerging Demand-Side Technologies on Performance of Future Grids
175 Alex Mouapi and Nadir Hakem. Multiphysics Simulation of nonlinear Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam for Automobile Application
176 Chenjun Sun, Zengqiang Mi, Hui Ren, David Watts, Jinling Lu and Lei Zhang. Sustainability Evaluation in Power System Related Applications — A review
178 Jie Zhu and Xiaoguang Wei. Defending False Data Injection Attacks against Power System State Estimation: A Stealthiness Corruption-Oriented Method
179 Xiaoguang Wei, Jie Zhu and Yingkun Huang. Distribution Network Short-term Reliability Assessment Based on Interval Numbers
180 Jie Zhu and Tao Wang. Mitigating Stealth Attacks against Distribution Grid: A Historical Running State Database-Aided Approach
181 Arne Pawellek and Lutz Hofmann. Simulation of Dynamic Power Flows in the International Grid Control Cooperation
182 Hongshan Zhao, Huihai Liu, Hui Ren and Hongyang Liu. The Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Gearbox Based on Cointegration
183 Muyang Liu, Alvaro Ortega, Alexander Melhorn, Damian Flynn and Federico Milano. Stability-constrained Unit Commitment with Water Network Loads
184 Mohammad Imran Azim, Hemanshu Roy Pota and Abu Mohammad Osman Haruni. A Modified Reverse Droop Controller for Real Power Sharing in Islanded Microgrids
185 Hossein Khalilnezhad, Marjan Popov, Lou van der Sluis, Jan P. W. de Jong, Nela Nenadovic and Jorrit A. Bos. Assessment of Line Energization Transients when Increasing Cable Length in 380 kV Power Grids
186 Andrew West, Chi Carnegie and Natasha Sajan. Secure IED Management Case Studies
187 Lv Zhou, Akshya Swain, Prem Naik and Nirmal Nair. A Dynamic Fuzzy Q-learning Controller to Improve Power System Transient Stability
188 Fan Yang, Wei Li, Xianggen Yin, Zhongqing Li, Zhe Zhang and Yarong Guo. A Method for Dead Zone Fault Isolation and Fast Recovery of Error Cutting Element Under the Existing 3/2 Connection Mode
191 Ahmad Shabir Ahmadyar, Shariq Riaz, Gregor Verbic, Jenny Riesz and Archie Chapman. Assessment of Minimum Inertia Requirement for System Frequency Stability
192 R Kulkarni, K Prasad, T.T. Lie, R.A. Badcock, H.J. Sung and C.W. Bumby. FEM and Performance Analysis of 10kW HTS Generator with Flux Pump excitation
193 Kazi Alam, Lew Tria, Daming Zhang and Faz Rahman. Design and Comprehensive Modelling of Solid-State Transformer(SST) based Substation
194 Norihiro Nishimura, Yoshikazu Fukuyama and Tetsuro Matsui. Optimal Operational Planning of Energy Plants by Differential Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization
195 Souhei Iwata and Yoshikazu Fukuyama. Dependability Verification of Parallel Differential Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization Based Voltage and Reactive Power Control
198 Evripidis Karatsivos, Vassilios Agelidis, Georgios Konstantinou and Georgios Demetriades. Asynchronous AC Systems Interconnection with DC-bus Capacitor-less VSC Back-to-back Topology
199 Cui Fubo, Zhang Fan and Li Wei. Suppression Strategies of Oscillating Current Between the Shunt and Series Converters of MMC-UPFC
200 Hanping Xu, Tao Lin, Dongyin Zhang, Ruyu Bi, Jinyou Xu, Jing Ye, Xiaojing Qin and Shaoqian Ding. Vulnerability Objective Based Optimization of Economic Operation of Power System
201 Leslie Borrill, Hilary Chisepo and Charles Gaunt. Flux measurements with ac and dc components of current present show transformer equivalent circuit models need core joint details.
202 Mohd Zamri Che Wanik, Ali Yassin Elrayyah and Abdelkader Bousselham. Real-Time Simulation Model for PV-Battery based Microgrid System
204 Shariq Riaz, Hesamoddin Marzooghi, Gregor Verbic, Archie Chapman and David Hill. Impact Study of Prosumers on Loadability and Voltage Stability of Future Grids
205 Gerrit Schlömer and Lutz Hofmann. Optimization of Grid Expansion Measures in Low Voltage Grids using an Integer Linear Optimization Problem
206 Swasti Khuntia. Volatility in Electrical Load Forecasting for Long-term Horizon – An ARIMA-GARCH Approach
208 Lian Liu, Marjan Popov, Mart van der Meijden and Vladimir Terzija. A Wavelet Transform-Based Protection Scheme of Multi-Terminal HVDC System
209 Dr Lakhwinder Singh and Dr Jaspreet Singh Dhillon. Interactive Fuzzy Approach for Economic-Environmental Electric Power Load Dispatch
210 Soumya Kanta Panda, Michael Stanek and Himanshu Bahirat. Controlled switching of power circuit breakers
211 Shuai Liu, Kun Yu, Xingying Chen, Yinchen Liao, Qingguo Yan and Shiming Xu. Multi-agent Based Energy Efficiency Optimization Model for Large Industrial Enterprises
212 Thomas Leveringhaus and Lutz Hofmann. Optimal power flow comprising congestions and voltage management by global quadratic optimization of active and reactive power
214 Hongbo Sun, Guangyu Feng, Daniel Nikovski and Jinyun Zhang. Dynamic State Estimation Based on Unscented Kalman Filter and Very Short-Term Load and Distributed Generation Forecasting
215 Jorge Quintana, Victor Garza and Angel Zamudio. Sag-Tension Calculation Program for Power Substations
216 Shane Brunker. Aerial LiDAR for overhead transmission lines – lessons from the USA in realising benefit and value
217 Cheng Ming, Liang Liang and Ma Yong. Fault Detection with Dynamic Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines
218 Yang Thee Quek, W.L. Woo and Thillainathan Logenthiran. A Multilevel Threshold Detection Method for Single-Sensor Multiple DC Appliance States Sensing
219 Simin Ge, Kun Yu, Xiaoshu Huang, Xingying Chen, Yingchen Liao and Jian Zhao. Research on Power Loss Reduction Method Based on Continuous Regulating Features of Energy-Intensive Industrial Loads
222 Zhao Zhen, Yujing Sun, Fei Wang, Zengqiang Mi, Shi Su, Yuting Yan, Hai Lu, Nicholas Engerer and Hui Ren. A Cloud Displacement Estimation Approach for Sky Images Based on Phase Correlation Theory
223 Yu Shen, Jin Xu, Yuanyuan Yue, Shouzhen Zhu and Qingsheng Li. Comprehensive Coordinated Model of Active Distribution Network Planning
224 Hong-Tzer Yang, Chia-Chun Tsai, Wen-Jun Tang and Piotr Lubicki. Overcurrent Protection Strategies for Distribution System with Distributed Energy Resources and Fault Current Limiters
225 Xueliang Yu, Hengxu Zhang and Jianmei Cao. Comparison of Performance and Accuracy of Different Power System State Estimation Algorithms
226 Rahul Shukla, Amandeep Singh, Niranjan Jain, S R Narasimhan and K V S Baba. Synchrophasor Based Real Time Monitoring of Grid Events in Indian Power System
228 Fu Shen, Xiaoming Huang, Ping Ju, Boliang Lou and Hongyang Huang. Mechanism Analysis of Power Load Using Difference Equation Approach
229 Yiping Yu, Liang Liu, Kunyuan Pei, Hongyu Li, Yaling Shen and Weijuan Sun. An Under Voltage Load Shedding Optimization Method Based on the Online Voltage Stability Analysis
230 Bo Wang, Zheng Wang, Yujing Sun, Fei Wang, Zhao Zhen, Zengqiang Mi and Hui Ren. Research on influence between photovoltaic power and module temperature and ambient temperature
232 Wu Weining, Hou Kai, Wu Di, Wei Huarong, Jiang Yingwei and Liu Jianping. Study and Analysis of Magnetic Flux Controlling Continuously Adjustable Reactor
233 Xiaoming Huang, Daxuan Chen, Boliang Lou, Hongyang Huang, Yiping Yu, Fu Shen and Ping Ju. Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Large-scale Smelting Load
236 Lei Huang, Qian Chen, Ping Ju, Xiaoyi Chen, Fangzhao Yu, Yuqing Jin and Fu Shen. Research on Load Model of VF based Motor Drive
237 Li Shen, Quan Tang, Ting Li, Yunling Wang and Fulong Song. A Review on VSC-HVDC Reliability Modeling and Evaluation Techniques
238 Ren Wang, Tianwen Zheng, Chunlai Li, Laijun Chen, Tianyi Chen and Shengwei Mei. State Feedback Exact Linearization Control of Virtual Synchronous Generator to Improve Transient Performance
239 Raghavender Goud Deshagoni, Dr. Ramesh Rayudu, Dr. Ciaran Moore and Daniel Burmester. Lightning Protection analysis of Main Shaft Bearings in Wind Turbine Generators
240 Jie Chen, Ruobing Zhang, Yang Liu, Xinlei Zhou, Shuang Li and Qianting Han. Surface modification of helium plasma jet on hydrophobicity property of silicone rubber
243 Aftab Alam, Lei Tao and Kashif Habib. Optimal Model Predictive Control for Disturbance Rejection and Stability in Buck-Boost Converter And Its Comparision With Classical Technique
244 Zhaowei Li, Kanqin Zhuang, Haifeng Li, Longjun Tang, Yuancheng Miao and Hao Chen. Terminal Location Selection study for UHVDC Hierarchical Connection to Power Grid
245 Sheik Mohammad Mohiuddin, Mohammad Apel Mahmud, Abu Mohammad Osman Haruni and Himanshu Roy Pota. Partial Feedback Linearizing Control of Ultracapacitor-Based Energy Storage Systems for Grid-Connected Power System Applications
246 Gurunath Gurrala, Aleksandar Dimitrovski, Sreekanth Pannala, Srdjan Simunovic and Michael Starke. Numeric Modified Adomian Decomposition Method for Power System Simulations
247 Pasan Perera, Manuja Gunawardana, Thilini Kanchana, Prasad Manjula, Rohan Lucas and Rasara Samarasinghe. A Low Cost Partial Discharge Measuring System for a High Voltage Lab
248 Yanan Han, Liangeng Ban, Bin Zheng, Yuanyuan Zhang and Bin Han. Analysis between Simulation and Measurement of Commissioning Tests on UHV System
250 Houzhi Li, Yubin Wang and Chenghao Yu. Research on Voltage and Power Balance Control for Three-phase Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based Power Electronic Transformer
251 Shi Su, Kangping Li, Yujing Sun, Yuting Yan, Hai Lu, Fei Wang, Liming Liu and Hui Ren. Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring of Air Conditioning Using Low-Resolution Smart Meter Data
252 Houzhi Li, Yubin Wang and Chenghao Yu. Control of Three-phase Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based Power Electronic Transformer under Unbalanced Input Voltages
253 Jie Xue, Jue Zhou and Yaobin Chen. Two-stage method for optimal operation of a distributed energy system
254 Hongzhong Ma, Yan Zhang and Zhengdong Zhang. Research on fault diagnosis of asymmetric stator winding for doubly fed induction generator
256 Ali Asheibi, Ashraf Khalil and Jihong Wang. Stability of Parallel DC/DC Converters with Time Varying Delay
258 Ali Asheibi, Ashraf Khalil and Jihong Wang. Networked Control of Parallel DC/DC Converters over CAN Bus
259 Zhaoliang Gu, Weigen Chen, Lingling Du, Jingxin Zou and Fu Wan. Analysis of Methyl Formate Dissolved in Transformer Oil by Laser Raman Spectroscopy
260 Zhang Chuancheng, Liu Cong and Zhu Zelei. A new Algorithm for Monthly Generation Scheduling and Security Correction in Power Systems
262 Mi Zou, Sima Wenxia, Ming Yang and Qing Yang. Duality-based Three-phase Transformer Model for Inrush Current Calculation
263 Hui Zeng, Yu Zhu and Xiaoming Jin. Smart Grid Tendency Warning System and Its Applications
264 Yuhang Liu, Yue Chen, Shaowei Huang and Zhou Lan. Assessment of Electricity Reception Proportion in UHV AC/DC Hybrid System
265 Zhiguo Zhou, Qi Zhang, Song Li, Qiying Jin and Yi Zhang. A Real-time Co-Simulation Research Based on VSC Closed-Loop Control
267 Hatim Abood, Victor Sreeram and Yateendra Mishra. Optimal Placement of PMUs using River Formation Dynamics (RFD)
268 Abolfazl Zebardast. A New Method for Online Estimation of Utility Harmonic Impedance Based on Fuzzy Logic
269 Yue Yu, Yarong Guo, Yanjun Li and Rongrong Zhan. The Delay Optimization of Circuit Breaker Failure Protection Based on the CT Current Tail Truncation Algorithm
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